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offbeat (adj): differing from the usual or expected; unconventional.  

That's what we're all about here at Nashville Offbeat.  You and I may be aware of the diverse styles of music being played at local venues, and of that local coffee shop down the street that's travel themed and has the best breakfast burrito ever.  But to the rest of the world, Nashville is still known as "Country Music City."

This online publication aims to feature the latest and best of Nashville's quirks: the offbeat music, the charities making a difference in our community, and the local businesses that we all love and support. 

To pull all of these elements together, join us for our monthly showcase that includes live music, giveaways from awesome local businesses, and a chance to meet new friends in your community. 

offbeat (noun): an unaccented beat of a measure
Come find the unaccented with us.

Christine Harazim
Founder & Editor