May Non-Profit: Guitars 4 Gifts

“Sometimes one of the refugees would sing a song in a different language and you couldn’t understand what they were singing, but you could still feel how much joy they had when they were playing.  It was just really cool to feel what they were feeling even though we weren’t speaking the same language,” explained 17-year-old Anna Clark, founder of Guitars 4 Gifts, on being at a refugee nonprofit after donating instruments.

Native Scene Records Launch: Bringing Nashville a New and Innovative Concept

Anna Clark is the mastermind behind Native Scene Records.  She understands that the costs of recording an album are only rising, making it harder for independent musicians to get quality recordings at a reasonable price.  As a musician and sound engineer herself, she saw an opportunity and a need to break the traditional record label mold.

Safe Haven Family Shelter

This non-profit has the only shelter-to-housing program in Middle Tennessee that houses the entire family.  Many facilities only permit the mother to be sheltered with the children - not the father. This non-profit is concerned about maintaining the family unit, which is a key to ensuring success for these children.