Native Scene Records Launch: Bringing Nashville a New and Innovative Concept

Native Scene Records Launch: Bringing Nashville a New and Innovative Concept

There’s a new record label in town and it’s doing something that Nashville, TN hasn’t seen before.  Native Scene Records is bringing on a new record label design that will help independent artists make the most of their live shows.  Working with them, musicians can now play a live show, get a studio recording, and create unique merchandise all in one go.

Anna Clark is the mastermind behind Native Scene Records.  She understands that the costs of recording an album are only rising, making it harder for independent musicians to get quality recordings at a reasonable price.  As a musician and sound engineer herself, she saw an opportunity and a need to break the traditional record label mold. Through this realization, she launched Nashville’s newest record label on March, 17th 2018 in an innovative and inviting way that we’re never seen before.

Nashville Offbeat had the chance to interview Anna about Native Scene Records and dive into their mission:  

What about Native Scene Records makes it stand out from the hundreds of other Nashville Record Labels?

“The first thing that makes us stand out among other Nashville labels is that we record live albums. We want to help artists get connected with their fans in every way possible, and recording live albums is a great way to get fans more involved in the recording process. We also attach our digital download codes to a piece of merch from the bands. This helps us to show the band’s personality even more based on what piece of merch we choose. We also release an album from every artist that we sign. Because of how our label is run, we have agreements with every artist to record one album on a specific date, and because that album is recorded in front of their fans, and the fans can preorder the album, each of the albums we make will be released. We want to help create more trust between the artist and the label, and we want to make sure that we are able to do our best work for every project that we are a part of.”

What are the benefits of recording live albums - as opposed to studio albums - for the bands and artists you work with?

“One of the benefits of recording live albums is that they cost so much less, and you have the potential to make more of a profit (by charging for the live show) with them. I know that a lot of bands have tight budgets today, and we want to help each band we work with get a great product that did not break the bank to make. It also engages their fans in a unique way, because it brings the fans into the recording experience and allows them to be a part of it.
Live albums have the potential to do so much, especially in a world that is so focused on having a great experience. We want to make albums a whole experience for each fan, which we hope will help make them an even more dedicated fan to the artist.”

With so many venues everywhere, how do you choose where each artist performs and records with you?  

“We like to pick venues that match the artist’s personality. Often times, these venues are not traditional music venues, but maybe the artist has a theme or a story that goes throughout the entire show/album, and the venue fits the theme or setting of that story. The main goal that we try to accomplish is bringing the fans into the artist’s world from the moment they step foot in the venue.
There are so many cool places around Nashville and around the world that would be an amazing makeshift recording studio, but they have not been used for that purpose. We want to make our performances special by using the whole world as a recording studio that the fans will be able to connect with and be a part of.”

Can you tell us more about the digital album codes that you attach to band merchandise?

“We want to make the physical album an extension of the live show as much as possible. There are so many cool merchandise ideas that we can pick from, so we try to find something that fits the artist’s personality, and also something that a fan would use/wear on a regular basis. As a part of this, we hope to create an extension of the live experience through each album we sell. So many fans love cool merchandise, and having great merch that fans talk about can be a great way to build an artist’s fan base.”

So you have created a service that creates a truly unique product for artists to sell.  It helps them to cut recording costs, gives them the memory of a live performance, and brings their community and fans into that experience.  What drives you to do this for independent artists?

“I am an independent artist, and I know how hard it can be to make an album, put on a live show, and also get more people interested in what you are doing. I really want to help other independent artists who are struggling with the same things achieve their dream. I feel like my dream has always been to help other people achieve their dream, and this is the perfect way to do that. I have always been fascinated by how different artists have made a career, and I hope to help more artists create a life of making music.”

Are there any other record labels in Nashville doing anything like this?  

“I haven’t heard of any other labels trying to do something similar. Part of the reason that I came up with this idea is because I have always loved live shows, and I have also always wanted to make albums. There are so many live shows that I have been to where I have thought that it would be so amazing to have the show captured as an album, and then I started to wonder why there weren’t any labels who were focusing on live albums.”

Is there anything that you want to tell the Nashville Offbeat community about how they can support you and be a part of what the movement you’re creating?  

“You can sign up for our email list on our website We also have an open application for any artists who want to record an album that you can find on our website as well. We really want to make sure that we always have a way for artists to submit their work to us, because the next great songwriter or artist may be out there, and we just haven’t heard of them yet! You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@nativescenerecords) to keep up with what we are doing and learn how to purchase tickets. If you have an idea of how you would like to be involved with us in another way, please contact us on our website!”

Native Scene Records is now up and running!  We invite you to be a part of their mission by following the actions above.  Go sign up for their email list, follow them on Instagram, and like them on Facebook.  If you're a musician or venue who would like to be more involved, fill out the correct form on their website for consideration.  They are going to be a great asset to so many here in the local Nashville music community (and beyond) and we want you to be a part of it! 

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