How to Become 'Nashville Offbeat Famous'

How to Become 'Nashville Offbeat Famous'

So you’ve found Nashville Offbeat and want your music to be featured.  I love it!  I want to support you and make you Nashville Offbeat Famous - yes, that’s a of right now.  

Nashville Offbeat Famous: (adj.)
A position of the highest esteem acquired only by being written about in the renowned online publication;  

And how does one become Nashville Offbeat Famous as Cat Parks, Elisabeth Beckwitt, and Basic Printer have, you ask? There’s no formula, but there are some guidelines that will increase your odds outlined below.  Do not fear, for it is not rocket science.  All it requires is will.  (No, not your friend - Will.)

Here we go!

For Starters- Check Out the Website

Before you start typing an email to to submit your band’s latest tunes, go to and look around.  If you want to be featured as an artist, do some research.  Read about some other artists, check out their music, and look at what the format is for those features.  I can’t tell you how often I get questions asking about what I cover on the website.  It’s all there for anyone to see.  Nashville Offbeat, though it would be super cool, is not a top-secret organization hiding it’s content from you...
...or is it?  

Write a Submission That You Would Want to Read

Being a professional is cool.  In fact, it’s so cool that we’re all aspiring to being one!  That being said, if you’re being featured on Nashville Offbeat, it’s because someone thinks you and what you’re doing is cool, and it most likely all started with that initial email.  

So type up something that’s professional, but that also gives us a little bit of your personality!  I can guarantee that you’ll stand out more if you avoid sending:

“To whom it may concern...My band is called Hoopla McGee and this is our song ‘Blah De Blah.’  It’s a love song.  Please feature us.  Thanks, Doug.”

Include Everything We Ask For in Your Submission

This one is simple.  On our website, it says to send in certain information when you submit.  You should do that.  

Be Involved

If you want to take additional steps to becoming Nashville Offbeat Famous, be active in the community.  Comment and share.  Come out to the monthly showcases.  Sign up for the mailing list.  If your name is everywhere, your submission will stand out because you'll already be familiar.

What makes Nashville Offbeat stand out from the rest is that it’s aim is to be a community you can be a part of, and a network you can draw from and learn with.  If you’re supporting what we’re doing, you’ll be supported as well!  

And there it is friends.  Simple as that!  Now let’s make you 'Nashville Offbeat Famous!' 

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The Nashville Offbeat Artist and Industry Directory (February-April 2018)

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