Spotify, Demystified

Spotify, Demystified

Here are some facts about Spotify that I found on the World Wide Web:

  • It has over 140 Million active users

  • 70 Million of those users are subscribers

And my personal favorite is:

  • There are over 30 million songs, but those songs are in over 2 BILLION playlists!  

In case you need the confirmation, billions are more than millions, and if there are more playlists than songs, then why do you have to try so hard to get onto those playlists when you could just create your own?  

I myself have struggled with why Spotify is important as a musician.  I know that most of my friends and fans are using this service, but I also know that there are so many artists and playlists out there that it almost seems futile to try to compete with them to be noticed.  Why not go another route?

The most basic reason I can come up with is that in 2020, (only 2 years away now), Spotify is projected to hit 100 million paying subscribers from all over the world.  That’s not counting all of the free users, and it’s already double the population of Spain!  No other streaming platform offers you the possibility of reaching that many potential fans. 

That being said, it’s the only reason I can conjure…

I’m not an authority on the subject, but I want you to get the best possible answers to your questions so I’ve brought Innovo Management, LLC. into the conversation.  Innovo specializes in artist management, development, consulting and booking.  We know they have the best answers for you because they recently expanded their business to offer label services/project management such as Spotify promotion, branding strategy, and more.

Below, we have the top 3 questions from our readers for Innovo Management regarding the mysteries of Spotify, beginning with the most popular one:

How can I generate more followers on Spotify?

“Great question! There are a variety of ways an artist can generate more followers on Spotify. First I would start with social posts and website widgets. Utilize your core fanbase to get things started and build an initial buzz. Boost any social posts you make and target specific fans who utilize Spotify as a listening platform. You can also do things such as Facebook and Instagram lives which do better with the algorithms and thus allow more fans to see them. Once that seems to die down you should utilize the next level of push with an email newsletter blast. Websites such as Mailchimp are great tools for storing lists, building and sending emails, and monitoring analytics. You can also take gaining followers a step further and run a pre-save campaign for your next project. Each person who pre-saves would also follow your page which is great for growth.”

What are some ways I can get my music on curated Spotify playlists?

“There's unfortunately no black and white answer to this one as Spotify editorial playlists are curated by humans and thus opinionated. The short of it is create great music and build a buzz through saves, streams, follows, and third party playlist adds. Do this enough and you will trip the algorithms. Once that happens your data will jump and hopefully editorial will notice! If they don't, keep at it! You'd be surprised at some of the artists who've never gotten editorial support and still have insane numbers on DSP's.”

(Side note: Create a playlist and add your friends’ music to it; asking them to do the same with your music.  As it’s shared, it will create a network of new exposure.)  

With so many playlists, how do I know which ones I should try to get onto?  

“The beauty of Spotify is how many opportunities are at your fingertips! Typically when we're pitching to third party playlists for our clients, we start considering them at a minimum of about 1000 followers. Obviously there are other factors as well, such as how many songs are in the playlist and how often it’s updated, but I wouldn't worry too much about that when you're starting. Cast your net wide and see what bites. Once you notice what sort've playlists and specific genres/styles/moods are expressing interest you can start narrowing your pitching down to be more specific.”

If you’re feeling more informed about expanding your followers and more confident about submitting to playlists, Innovo Management has created a place for you to submit to their new “Nashville On The Rise” curation!  You can do so by clicking HERE, and give the playlist a follow by clicking their photo below!

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