Stelle Amor

Stelle Amor


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Sitting down with Stelle Amor, I could just feel her passion in the air around her!  She is a 'Soulternative' artist here in Nashville, TN who is making some serious waves with the release of her first self-titled EP.  After watching her perform flawlessly at her EP release show on May 20th at Exit/In, I just had to sit down and talk with her!  I wanted to know, "Who is Stelle Amor?"  And "How is she so awesome?!"  

We met at Bongo Java in East Nashville, and began our conversation ever so innocently: 

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
"I had a big imagination and I was always all over the place.  I was an entertainer, always though.  At the end of the day, I was the baby and so I was always putting on a little show...  I always liked putting on a show, and I always sang too, and I always made music.  I just kinda fell, imaginatively, you know?"

How would you describe your music style to a potential new fan?  
"'Soulternative' is what I've been capping it up as.  Because it is kind of all over the place.  I will say that Soul is always going to be it's main voice, it's the root, you know?  But, as far as genres go, we kind of like to go all over the place with our music and our writing.  So 'Soulternative' is how we just get away with doing it all."

Where does the name "Stelle Amor" come from?  
"I'm really happy-go-lucky, and people used to call me 'star child,' 'star rainbow,' was a common theme...and 'Stelle' means 'Star' in Latin.  And I always like Amor, it's just Armor without the 'r.' Cause Armor is so hard, and I wanted it to be more about love, so 'Star Love' is the thing." 

When I went to your EP release show this month, you had so much confidence on stage, it was amazing...where does that come from?  
"This is what I'm made to do.  This is what I'm meant to do.  I don't have confidence like that in many places of my life, but I know what I'm built for.  And this is my whole life, my whole world.  It's the one place I do feel really comfortable.  I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be."  

What's the main thing you want your fans to take away from your music?  
"I guess Love.  At the end of the day, even the songs with more angst...They're just an expression of the lack of love that I've felt in my life, and I'm sure that a lot of people have.  But we're all deserving of it, we're all worthy of it...and I feel like most of my songs are uplifting.  Especially on this record...They're more about universal love and acceptance of yourself and others."

I felt the love, you were getting everyone dancing at your show!
"I love dance parties!  I love getting off stage and dancing.  The thing is, a lot of people go to a show...and it's not about me.  The show is about all of us.  It's our experience...we make it together with our energy.  I love being one with my audience!  I love that I can go off the stage and be one with you guys.  And I love being a part of it instead of just being on the stage.  It's nice to feel it all."

Are you touring at all?
"Not currently....There are just a lot of things to put into place and I have big visions and big dreams of serenading the whole world.  We're working really hard to get our details right, but we don't currently have an extravagant tour in the calendar...but it is definitely coming!"

Are you playing more Nashville gigs soon?
"Yeah!  I'm playing at The Five Spot on June 9th.  I'm playing with 'Emma Hern,' who's amazing...and 'The Middle Ground.'  I know Emma's gonna be releasing some music soon, and The Middle Ground released their EP as well...They're awesome bands!  

And I have other exciting news, but it's not confirmed...So just know that things are coming into town in Nashville and I'm super excited!" 

What wisdom do you have to share with other songwriters and performers that are trying to do what you're doing?
"Never give up.  I think there are a lot of trials, and this has not been's the hardest thing I've ever done.  And I have a long way to go, but if I look back to where I was four years ago, I'd be mind blown at what I'm doing now.  So, if you think of it like that, and only compare yourself to yourself... I think it's all too easy in this town, where you have so much talent, and so many people with so much going on, to compare yourself and be like 'well, I don't have that going on'...but that doesn't mean you can't!  You know?  It's just a matter of time and perseverance, and getting the right team and the right fit around you to really help your vibration get to that next level.  It's so much more than just you and your songs.  It's a whole team, it's a whole army that it takes to really make any of this happen.  So, keep what I say."

Speaking of a team, how do you like working with Total Assault?  
"Oh, they're badass.  They're amazing.  Shout out to Total Assault.  Robin's my go-to day-to-day guy there, and he has just been wonderful to work with and help me get this off the ground.  

They're a marketing company, so they're helping us get our name out there.  That's another thing about this...unless you have a million dollars behind you, it's really hard to get your name out, to get people to know who you are because there is so much saturation.  There's so much music, all the time.  So, I'm thankful to have them help me push this and get this record heard by the world."

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