Interview: Abbey Moss is an Explosion of Color in "It's Not The End"

Interview: Abbey Moss is an Explosion of Color in "It's Not The End"

Abbey Moss is an explosion of color from her passion for Glam Rock to her electric purple hair. But as long as you take that color and dip it into the rabbit hole, giving it a spooky and enticing Alice and Wonderland tint. If you have an affinity for Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, David Bowie, or Muse, the only reason you don’t love her is because you haven’t heard her yet. To understand what you’re in for with Abbey Moss, all you have to do is watch her music video, “It’s Not The End.”


The video opens with a hypnotic title presentation and a blurred group shot  of what one assumes are zombies. Abbey soon appears in a black and white classic 50’s aesthetic - all the way to the pinned up hair and pearls. This 50’s setting is kept consistent with a plethora of apocalyptic sci-fi scenes from mid-20th century films and shows akin to “The Twilight Zone” and “Mars Attacks”. The story is humorously dramatic. The  main character is enjoying the eccentric drama more than she is fearing the end of the world - which seems to be the theme of the video - and her entire EP in general.

The creativity of director Cody Duncum is beautifully showcased in how he expresses the identity of Abbey Moss as an artist. He captures her ironic representation of a 50’s housewife to a T, even as she is basically being set on fire in resistance to “The End” by the time the video is over.  

Almost a year after the music video release for “It’s Not The End,” I got to sit down with Abbey and talk about her passion for reaching her audience with her unique sound. We spoke about how she defines that  sound, and how she wants to bring the audience into her “topsy-turvy town.”

What is your purpose when you create music?

"Expression. Music gets it out and it feels so good. It’s a chance to figure out, ‘How can I let this entire emotion out of my heart and move past whatever I’m feeling?’ That’s where the music comes in. It’s a time capsule for emotion and where your brain is at the time."
I want someone to hear my song and associate it with their life and feel nostalgic. I want to have an effect on people."

And my favorite quote from our discussion of the purpose of music, that I believe truly represents Abbey:

"You run around and it gives you like “BLAH!” it’s release!"

How would you define your sound and your brand?

"Halloween, spooky, grunge, cinematic."
I would love to one day have my show be a full production to express that."
I want the audience to feel like they’re going to another world - because I do! I go to my own topsy-turvy town. Topsy turvy town is where you go to create - I go to my own town when I write. What’s in your town? Who’s there? My town is Wonderland, it’s dark, it’s cinematic, and I want to take the audience there."

What is your definition of success?

"Being able to make enough money to be solely a musician, constantly recording and touring, I want enough people to be interested so that I get to keep creating."

It’s so easy to see the authentic musicality and the genuine love for the art that Abbey Moss possesses. She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to sing loudly about the respect she deserves and the music she loves, or sing bravely about her vulnerabilities and the hurt that can come with that. Her womanly roar can be heard clearly in her song “Little Sally” as she demands respect from the ones who have belittled her and tried to tell her who she was. And her honesty shines in the track “We’re Just Kids”.

My favorite track from her EP, “It’s Not The End”, is “Welcome To The Otherside”. This song is a generous introduction to the sound of Abbey Moss. She escorts us kindly and gently into her “topsy-turvy town” without hiding the oddness and whimsy we’re about to experience throughout the rest of the album.

Abbey Moss is the spooky glam rock you never you knew you needed in the middle of July. Check out her EP “It’s Not The End” and the music video for the title track.

If you're as floored by this video as we are, connect with Abbey Moss on Facebook and Instagram!  You can also keep tabs by checking out her website at

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