Interview: Ben Peverall and His Desire to Connect Through Music

Interview: Ben Peverall and His Desire to Connect Through Music

One of the greatest responsibilities that musicians have is exposing their pain and suffering and vulnerabilities in the hopes that someone who is listening can use that expression to process their own suffering. Ben Peverall is a wonderful example of a musician who survived a year of absolute garbage and decided to process it through his own art and continue to fall into that pain every show and through every single in the hopes of carrying the audience through their own trash seasons.

I talked to Ben after seeing his show at the End about what he wanted the audience to take from his performance and his art.

“The pretty side of it; rock is beautiful. I want them to hear rock but also feel that the melodies are cinematic and emotional”


As an audience member, I can attest that the Ben Peverall accomplishes just that. The foundation of his music is powerful and crunchy chords inspiring a catharsis that only hard rock can accomplish, but then the strings section pairing with keys, played by Ben himself, carries you through an emotional surrendering to whatever pain the song was processing with you. What I love about Ben Peverall songs is that emotion and movement was inspired whether you liked it or not, but his lyrics and vocals are cohesive and poetic enough where the his personal story is not ruling the song, but letting you find your own story within it.

I asked Ben what is favorite lyrics were that he’s gotten to write so far:

“You can pour your words out to a wall, because some days i swear it has more understanding”

Ben shared bits and pieces of his story similar to these lyrics throughout the show. As a listener, I’m incredibly excited to get to fall into his story when the full record comes out - a record he has been working on for over year. Ben has been kicking ass since coming into Nashville just 3 years ago. He appreciates the community and support of the Nashville music scene. He expressed his surprise when the audience responded incredibly well to his instrumental song in the middle of his song, and said something to me that I think is so important for all Nashville Independent Artists to consider:

“There is always someone out there that likes your music that you wouldn’t expect”

I loved getting to experience the Ben Peverall show and sit down with him and discuss the songs after the fact. He has a very calm head on his shoulders about the music he has created, wants to create, and how he wants to reveal it to the world on the stage, and off.

And finally, I asked him what his definition of success is as an artist:

“when someone comes up to me and says ‘my music changed their life’ cause that’s what I felt from other artists growing up - the melody or lyrics really spoke to me and gave me insight into certain things”

Check out his first single, ”Royal Conversations”, and be sure to take a listen to “Thomas,” just released on October 3rd below!

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Show Alert: Celebrating Life on October 20th at EXIT/IN

Show Alert: Celebrating Life on October 20th at EXIT/IN